Youth Ministry


ROL Youth Group is our ‘Celebrate’ opportunity for students to connect not only with the living God through worship and Bible teaching, but to connect with each other in the broad ‘youth family’ ages 12 to 19.

We start off the night with Praise & worship with the adults in the main sanctuary and then move to our class where we dive into God’s word led by Sarah Snider.


  • To engage students in a “youth-friendly” environment
  • Create experiences for them to encounter Christ
  • First step in youth discipleship
  • To encourage youth to get their “unchurched” friends to encounter Christ (ROL Youth Group is not only a celebration, but a time of outreach, where students bring their friends to church)



  1. Implement the 3 c’s
    • Celebrate
    • Connect
    • Contribute
  2. To engage un-churched into a youth family.
  3. To disciple youth to follow Christ whole-heartedly.
  4. Engage youth in the word, and empower them to take back their generation for Christ.
  5. Give youth ownership of their ministry, their church and their generation.
  6. Equip families to deal with world issues.
  7. Prepare the youth for situations in the world, school, work, and adulthood.
  8. Help give the youth a sense of purpose, priority, and power in Christ.
  9. Show youth that god’s word is powerful, relevant in a new and exciting way.
  10. Change the world around us.

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