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Life 101

Life 101 Introduction

Life 101 is an introductory class that helps explain who River of Life(ROL) is, what we are accomplishing as a church, and how you can become involved. This is a great place to meet other people just like you. We also provide opportunity for you to be baptized, if you have not already done so.

Some Topics That Will Be Covered
  1. The history of the Church of God
  2. Purpose and vision of ROL
  3. How the church operates
  4. Our discipleship process
  5. Water baptism
  6. Becoming part of the ROL family
  7. Next steps after membership

What This Class Is:

It is our intent to answer the following basic questions so that we know what we're a part of and identified with:

  1. Why is commitment to a local church necessary?
  2. What are the benefits of belonging?
  3. What is the history of the Church of God?
  4. Where ROL has come from (history)?
  5. What does the Church of God believe?
  6. If I'm a part, where will I be going (purpose and vision)?
  7. How do I plug into the process of discipleship and how can I be used according to my gifts?
  8. What are the requirements of belonging; what will be required of me?
  9. What is the purpose of this church, and how will it be achieved?
  10. What are the next steps after membership?
What This Class Isn't:

It is not a new believer's class.

It is not a discipleship class or leadership training class. These classes are available, but later in our discipleship process.

Prerequisites For Life 101 Completion

It is important to know that we require attendance at all three base sessions of the Life 101 class to be eligible for a Bible and acceptance of the ROL Family Covenant statement.

We believe it's essential that you be exposed to all three nights' of material, especially the ROL Statement, in order to make a responsible decision to become part of the Church of God family.

If you are ill or unable to attend session one or two, we ask that you notify your discussion group leader, or call the church office.

If you are ill or unable to attend session three you must make that night up again during the next Life 101 class. If possible, please contact the church office in advance of your absence so we can prepare adequately for that session as well as schedule you for the next session.

We realize this commitment may seem a bit strict for a church, but the class is essential, and we hope all our people will understand how very important this commitment is. Thank you for your understanding.

After the three base classes we offer optional sessions to dig into some of the questions that are brought up during the base classes.