Welcome To River of Life Ministries!

We understand that some of those who visit River of Life (ROL) are already connected with other churches; we are honored by your visit. Others may be exploring a connection with God. It’s a journey that we’ve found to be exciting and challenging, with plenty of questions and much unexplored territory. We’d be honored to be involved in that process with you in any way you find helpful. Others may be interested in connecting with a church body and are wondering whether ROL is a place to call home. We understand that the process takes time and we’d be happy to serve in anyway we can. If I can be of any service to you, don’t hesitate to give me a call or catch me in person after one of our worship celebrations.

~Pastor Steve~

Connecting With ROL

If you’re new around here, don’t panic! Just sit back, relax and enjoy the service. Our hope is that you’ll feel welcome here. Feel free to worship God in a comfortable way.

“Great, So What Can I Expect?”


We usually begin with an extended time (20-30 minutes) of singing. The songs we sing are selected to help us, as individuals, make a connection with Jesus. The songs are projected up front on a screen for your convenience during worship.

For a time, we forget about ourselves and remember who made us. So, feel free to sing away or simply listen and enjoy, as God does.

After singing, we take care of business for a few minutes; Offering and Ministry highlights.

Then it’s time to sit back and consider what God may be saying to us through His book, the Bible. Hopefully, you will be drawn closer to him.

Some services end with a communion celebration. Bread and grape juice are passed, signifying the life of Christ poured out for us.

During the closing time, those who wish to have prayer for healing, or for God’s empowering presence, or for those who are simply doing business with their maker, may come to the front. It’s all pretty relaxed and informal.

“So, When Are We Done?”

We usually have an 80 minute celebration. However, we desire to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit to guide our services. So, at times we may have an extended celebration.

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